Why choose BioSim Innovations?

Our mission is to help you do the impossible.


BioSim Innovations is a division of Switchback Medical that designs and develops animal and human based models that provide anatomy and physiology data for medical device design, usability studies, and physician training in order to increase the speed of device development by providing real-time feedback to engineers and physicians, determining device safety and efficacy, and providing a platform for training.

BioSim Innovations

  • creates a shorter time to bring a device through the product development cycle; allowing the inventor to create the best possible product design

  • provides opportunities to lower risk heading into first in man and clinical trials (reducing the unnecessary sacrifice of animals)

  • provides better training models for physicians and engineers, thus improving health outcomes for patients 


Our human tissue and cadaver biosimulators specifically provide support training platforms for physicians and assess the efficacy and safety of medical device surgical techniques.

The BioSim Innovations platform addresses the recent surge in
the advancement of cardiovascular surgical techniques and transcatheter interventional techniques and the complexity of cardiovascular medical devices. 


We can provide realistic simulation platforms that are closer to clinical reality, and better adaptability to training in
clinical anatomy, surgery or interventional medicine. 

What matters to you inspires what we do.

We are scientists, engineers, and innovators. 

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