Physician Training

Today's interventional procedures have become increasingly complex. BioSim provides a cath lab environment for training minimally invasive techniques to advanced surgical procedures.

Our Cath Lab

  • Imaging Capabilities

    • ​Philips Epiq 7 with two probes for seamless transition between esophageal and transgastric views

    • Siemens P500 ICE 2D images

    • GE Healthcare OEC Elite CFD fluoroscopy

    • Smith & Nephew video endoscopes

    • Room and procedure cameras

    • 8 different screens

    • Displayed pressure and flow data

  • Live web meeting option

    • Collaborate with Physicians and Engineers from all over the world

    • Access to recorded video to share 

    • Easy customer participation

    • Send your device and participate in lab from home

four panel image with ultrasound lighter