Human Tissue, Organ & Full Donor Studies

BioSim Innovations offers you a wide range of resources for development and testing.  Here are a few reasons why we can help your team:


  • Models do not exist that address both anatomy and physiology in the same model (human specimens provide anatomical information and animal models provide non-human physiological information).  Healthy and pathological models are needed for testing.

  • The increased quantity and sophistication of medical devices being invented requires more sophisticated models than current bench-top models.

  • Engineers are going into expensive animal studies prematurely resulting in the unnecessary sacrifice of animals.  Biosimulators can reduce the numbers of animals sacrificed.

  • Models allow for improved experimental design in defining the questions being asked and in experiment execution compared to the unpredictability associated with acute animal studies.

  • Increased use and complexity of medical devices requires increased physician training.  Physician training requires sacrifice of animals, high cost, and a location other than the site of the physician’s clinical practice.

  • Better models result in better device risk determination resulting in lower risk in device development, first in man, physician training and the end user.


User needs - anatomical  AND  physiological models:

The FDA's Medical Device Development Tools (MDDT) program is a way for the FDA to qualify tools that medical device sponsors can use in the development and evaluation of medical devices.​

  • Past & Current Status of Device Design & Development, Pre-clinical Data, and Training

    • Human Donors

      • Lack of physiology data

      • Lack of blood flow

    • Current Biosimulators

      • Heart only (lack vascular circuit)

      • Pig heart dissimilar to human heart

    • Animal Studies

      • Lack of human anatomy data

      • Unpredictable and expensive

      • Real time- little time to make adjustments during short testing window

      • Anatomy does not mimic human pathways, size and proximity

      • Sacrificing large quantities of animals- using animals too soon in design and development process


  • Future of Device Design & Development, Pre-clinical Data, and Training

    • Clinical Relevance

      • Model provides accurate anatomy AND physiology

      • 3D print pathology to create accurate model of pathology repair

      • Accurate pressure, flow, blood analog

      • Repeatable data/experiment design

      • Reduce risk in device development

      • Utilize animals only in last stage of pre-clinical, not before

      • Computer modeling to translate healthy and pathological clinical states into models

    • Organ and Full Donor

      • Fresh, preserved, partially preserved

      • Reanimated human heart

      • Expand simulator beyond heart

      • Perfusion model of organ and torso

      • Provide accurate anatomy AND physiology

    • Target Vasculature

      • Heart

      • Systemic and Respiratory Circuit

      • Neurovascular

    • Living Cellular Component to Model

      • Provide accurate anatomy AND physiology

      • Decellularized / recellularized vessels

      • Micro-organs, cell culture

      • Seeded cells on scaffolding

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